And even more… content marketing Reheat cutlet or discovering new flavors? If content recycling is so beneficial, why do we still use it so rarely?  Of many brands to recycle blog content or social mia entries may be the feeling that serving their users a “reheat cutlet” may be not very elegant, and even meet with criticism and reluctance from the recipients. Meanwhile, content recycling should be treat rather in the category of discovering new flavors – a familiar cutlet serv with completely new additions becomes a new, intriguing dish Well-conduct content recycling consists in rrafting the content in such a way that it significantly differs from its original version.

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Thus the user not only does not feel secondary, but even treats new content as an additional value. An example may be expanding texts with new, in-depth information, enclosing them with attractive multimia, collecting the most interesting articles in a handy e-book, as well as discussing them in a completely new form e.g. extending the article with a presentation or webinar.  Reaches not only your regular recipients who often don’t even remember that a Egypt Phone Number List given material has already appear in a slightly different form- but also to new users. And this can help you reach your target audience more widely.

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As well as increase website traffic. Not everything for recycling evergreens and cyclical content Is it possible to recycle all the content we have on a blog or company website? With a sufficiently creative approach – basically yes. That it is not equally profitable in every case – because not all topics will be as attractive today as when they were publish a few months or even years ago. They are best suit for recycling. evergreens, i.e. content that is always up to date – regardless of trends or seasons. These are topics like: how to bake a quick chocolate cake Bulk Lead or what to buy as a gift for a girlfriend.