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What can you find under My Next Normal? What is the purpose of the Spam Guideline changes? What has been improv and what new features can be us in the latest version of Screaming Frog? You will learn everything in the latest ition of SEO & Content Express. Performance SEO SEO New filter in Google Search Console Google announc via Twitter that the Google Search Console tool gain a new filter in the “Performance” report. Previously, data on the number of clicks, impressions, average CTR and position could be organiz using filters such as web, graphics, video. With another filter in GSC, you can get traffic data from the “News” tab in Google Search.

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Just click Search type at the top of the performance report and select “messages. Bas on the discussion taking place on Twitter, the data in this filter most likely began to be collect from June. Due to the naming, which could be ambiguous, it is also worth adding that this concerns the “News” tab in the search engine, not Google News.  To be a publisher to be list in the “News” tab, but in general it’s worth creating high-quality content that respects the requirements and Estonia Phone Number List content policy of Google News. For more information: seroundtablegoogle-search-console-performance-reports-news-filter- .html and twitterseoseb status A frog even better, or Screaming.

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Frog  Those interest in the topic will probably not be surpris that another update. Of the popular Screaming Frog crawler has been releas – version with the jokingly codename “Lockdown. What awaits us in the new version? Nearly Duplicates The innovative solution allows you to examine the page. Not only for exact duplicates of content, but also for almost duplicates.   To what percentage the content on the pages is repeat. Screaming Frog source: screamingfrog  seo-spider Spelling and grammatical. Errors It happens that the quality of content Bulk Lead on websites leaves much to be desir.

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