The basis for tracking user

The basis for tracking user

Analytics The first two are requir, while the rest are optional. In Google Analytics , the event creation model is more flexible. We must remember to give the Event Name parameter an appropriate name , and the remaining parameters depend on us and what we want to track in a given user interaction with our website. We can assign up to parameters to one event ! Preparation  behavior is the preparation of a plan. We ne to know what information will be important in our marketing activities. Google has prepar a list of recommend events, divid into categories. You will find it here.

If the event you want to track

We recommend you go through the following process that will help you determine how you should configure the desir events: Check the events collect automatically and those you find in Advanc Measurement.  Iisn’t list there, check Google’s recommend events and try using their names and recommend parameters. If none of the recommend Macedonia Phone Number List events meet your nes, create a custom event. Remember that the name of your event should comply with Google’s guidelines (lowercase letters, underscore character as a separator, click_tel.

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This assumes that you have already

Event configuration using Google Tag Manager Suppose we want to measure the completion of a contact form on our website. This is not an event collect automatically, nor is it record using advanc measurement. So we have to create them ourselves. We will go through the process of configuring this event using GTM.  Creat a Google Analytics property and deploy a configuration tag. If not, we encourage you to read our article. Open the GTM container you have deploy on your website, select the Tags tab and click New. A list of available templates will appear, select Google Analytics : GA event : Event configuration using Google Tag Manager Google in its list of recommend events lists Bulk Lead generate_lead as an interaction where a user submits a form.

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