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This means that we will not have to use GTM in all situations. This may be the case with an event where the user visits a relevant subpage, the offer tab . To create this event, we can use page_view , which is sent by the Google Analytics configuration tag. To do this, go to Configuration->Events->Create event . Creating events bas on existing ones _location parameter : page location custom parameters As we mention earlier, you can create your own parameters that you can assign to a given event. However, if you want them to appear in GA reports, you must register them as custom definitions . This should be done in the Configuration -> Custom Definitions section.

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Enter a dimension name and then paste it into the Event Parameter field : event parameter We add the form_id parameter , thanks to which we will be able to distinguish reports sent by users. offer Summary The latest version of Google Analytics gives us new opportunities to analyze data. Everything is measur as an event, even pageviews. We have a ready basis on which we can rely (these are events collect automatically), but we do not have to limit Malta Phone Number List ourselves to them only. Events, also bas on those that are already collect. Remember to test them with the DebugView module, which allows us to track events in real time.

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Have more questions about event tracking with Google Analytics ? Post them in the comments below or contact us and we will help you measure user traffic on your website or application correctlyBrand marketing, or how to become something more than just a brand Internet marketing Patrick Szczepaniak Regardless of how you care about the visibility, recognition or consistency of the brand, you are dealing with brand marketing.  Variables, which in combination with the right technique – branding – can create a solid and strong brand, characteriz by a unique, unique Bulk Lead visual identity and a matching language of benefits.

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