The advantage is certainly

The advantage is certainly

To run the prepar report, go to Extensions -> Google Analytics -> Run reports again : Then we will get a report of the form: Advantages and disadvantages  The fact that it is a free method of data export. The installation process is quick and easy and the configuration of reports is also not complicat. The downside is that not all elements can be set automatically in the first configuration window. There we will only set the values, dimensions, segments, the rest we have to adjust manually according to special formatting rules. So it requires us to initially familiarize ourselves with the documentation and data available in the support.

Even after the trial period ends

You may have also notic that in the generat report you can see information about data sampling: If your Google Analytics contains a large amount of data, chances are you won’t see all of it in this report. Another issue is that this add-on only supports the core API. You won’t be able to download the Multi-Channel Funnel Report with it. Supermetrics add-on Supermetrics for Google Sheets is not a free tool, but you can access a -day free trial with all premium Ecuador Phone Number List features. the add-on has a free mode that allows you to continue using some features without paying for updates. Installation is the same as for the Google Analytics add-on.

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In the Options category  you will find

In the search engine, we only ne to enter Supermetrics . Once you’ve download the add-on, in the google sheet, select cell A . It will contain the retriev values. Then go to Extensions -> Supermetrics -> Launch. In the sidebar, we will configure the report. In turn, select the Google Analytics data source, then the appropriate view of the data from which you want to retrieve information, then the date range. We can also immiately define the necessary metrics, segments, filters: more advanc options than in the case of the Google Analytics add-on. It is data sampling avoidance function. Once we configure everything according to our nes, click Get Data to Table.

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