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If you lack the time or competence to undertake content marketing activities, entrust them to our specialists. Get to know our offer or contact us personally. See also -> “The most important elements of image communication”.In July we were “almost” monothematic. And it’s all thanks to articles on Google Analytics and further functionalities relat to the latest version. However, we want to take care of your knowlge from the entire digital spectrum, so we also serv you entries from the world of social mia and image campaigns. From today, however, we are changing the form a bit and we have prepar simple questions for each topic, checking your knowlge in the topics discuss in July.

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This is another quiz on our blog! Audience groups in Google Analytics – what are they and how to create them? The article is a response to another functionality available in the new version of Google Analytics, namely creating a group of recipients.  The audience list in GA and how you can use it in further analysis, this article is for you! Quick questions on the topic! START THE QUIZ gu vs ga key differences between GA and Universal Analytics (GA ) Are you wondering Dominican Republic Phone Number List what really distinguishes Google Analytics from the “older version, commonly referr to as GA ?  You’ve probably even read something, but you’re still not sure what changes have taken place in the new version and whether they matter to you at all.

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Quick questions on the topic! START THE QUIZ Image campaigns in social mia – what is worth knowing? Why is it worth investing in image campaigns, especially in social mia? Many people have doubts whether it is worth investing in campaigns that do not immiately show an increase in sales or conversion.  Channels, but we will focus mainly on social mia and show why it is worth taking care of image building there in particular. Quick questions on the topic! START THE In  If you want to download data from Universal Analytics, leave it select as Bulk Lead you see in the image above.

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