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If you have a problem with preparing an appropriate report in Google Data Studio, in which you will compare Universal Analytics vs Google Analytics data, or you ne help with data export according to the methods present by us, do not hesitate to contact us. For you Google News: A practical guide. Guidelines and tips SEO August , Carolina Baran Google News, known in Poland as “Google News”, is an aggregator of articles from various itorial offices and information portals.

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Google analyzes articles from various itorial offices, assesses their cribility and reliability of describing the topic, and then presents users with personaliz lists of articles that are potentially tailor to the interests of a given person. From the article you will learn how Google News was creat, how to add your website to this aggregator and what advantages it can have.  In SEO, it is often emphasiz how important evergreen content is,  content that will not lose its usefulness despite the passage Egypt Phone Number List of time. Evergreens may ne to be updat, but the text core is virtually always up-to-date, thus constantly bringing organic traffic. However, not all publish content is this type of content.

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Some articles lose their informative value very quickly – sometimes they are already expir when you click “publish”. Google News analyzes information in real time, which is why it always offers the latest news from the country and the world where possible. Them into mutual correlations (and all this in real time!), creating a network of connections in the style of Bulk Lead knowlge graphs. Messages in Google are not isolat, but result from each other, specifying the place, events, people involv, things, etc.

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