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In 1997, Jorn Barger invented the term “weblog”, which he used to refer to “logging the web”. In 1999, “weblog” was shortened to “blog” by Peter Merholz. In the early days of blogs, the content was very personal, even a diary-like stream of thoughts. I was able to publish my own thoughts and people will be happy to read them. Even today, blogs are considered online diaries, but blogs have also developed a lot into commercial, marketing cornerstones and even a place to maintain work samples. 2. Blog and post, what’s the difference? So a blog is a website or one part of a homepage.  published on a blog. I always laugh when I read on social media that “I published a new blog!”, because I wonder how many separate blogs or websites this person might have…

A post is a single piece of text

The blog has its own unique domain, for example, my blog can be found at https :// tiiakonttinen . fi / blog . The posts do not officially have their own unique domain, but are a continuation of the official domain. For example, the web address of this post is https :// tiiakonttinen . fi / mika – on – blog If I were to type only “mika-on-blogi” into the browser, I wouldn’t be able to get to this post. The address structure of the posts is an important part of the functionality of the blog. Each new data word in the address must be separated by a hyphen. If the words are written together, it is difficult for search engines to understand what the post is about. lot. In the old days, it was said that posts should be short texts containing no more than 300 words.

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However, studies show that longer blog BT Leads texts (1200+ words) get more reads and shares on social media than short ones. Long blog posts also have the opportunity to convince people more and lower the purchase decision. My longest blog post is over 5000 words long and is read regularly. 3. What is the difference between a page and a blog post? It is possible to make separate pages and blog posts for blogs. These are not the same thing. Individual pages such as About, Contact or Start here are a bit heavier than a single blog post. 

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Search results . Just look at another example of ours: Google search: customer service Tip: SEO and Inbound Marketing: the perfect marriage The role of the Digital Marketing Agency in SEO projects Applying and maintaining the SEO of your Digital Marketing strategy to expand your authority and increase sales is continuous work . Here at Orgânica, our success happens because we drink water from our own source! That’s right: we do for ourselves what we offer for our clients — including SEO that delivers sales results — from strategy to.

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But have you ever stopp to think that choosing the fund for Digital Marketing can play a fundamental role in this?! “Like this?” — you must new data be asking yourself now. And, although it may seem a little obvious, what I have to tell you is: we, human beings, are extremely visual! Proof of this is the data that shows that, with images, articles on blogs reach 94% more views and posts on Facebook receive 53% more likes and 104% more comments. However, it is not enough to insert any image thinking that the work is done. Taking care when choosing a fund makes all the difference when it comes to standing out to potential customers , as well as improving their perception of your business.

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If what you want is to know the main steps to make the best background choices for Digital Marketing , you’re in the right content! I’ve put together some simple and practical tips for you to effectively define all the images of your creations. Let Bulk Lead  check it out? How to create a Digital Marketing plan for your company Background images for Digital Marketing: how to choose? Avoid distractions When defining an image, opt for a neutral background : it is more versatile for both photographs and graphic creations. This way, it is possible to give more emphasis to what is in the foreground , without the interference of unwant details.

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The more people who come back, the better for SEO TOP 3 reasons why you haven’t started blogging yet | And how do you get rid of these excuses once and for all To start blogging | 2 Comments | Tiia Konttinen This can also be shared… like HBO’s theme songs 180 SHARES Facebook 179 Twitter Pinterest 1 LinkedIn TOP 3 reasons why you haven’t started blogging yet and how to get rid of these excuses once and for all. I know this sounds selfish. But every time I see a great (upcoming or aspiring) blogger rambling on about starting a blog, I want to scream. I know it is none of my business whether someone starts blogging or not.  people pursue their own dreams. Yes, it takes patience, time and work. Yes, there will be obstacles and setbacks.

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Yes, it is possible for you to succeed as long as you don’t just give up. these have never said that they regret their decision to pursue new data their own dream. TOP 3 reasons why you haven’t started blogging yet  dream, even though they were scared. mistakes. They moved on, even though others said that “that’s a crazy thing to do, you should stop and go to real work”. Yes, it’s scary. To be open in front of all people, to write your thoughts out and see what others think about it. But you know what’s even scarier? Regret the things you wanted to do when you still had the chance. In this post, I will tell you the TOP 3 reasons why you haven’t started blogging yet, as well as clear step-by-step instructions on how to get rid of them once and for all. 1. Lack of clarity It’s challenging to start something new that you don’t yet have a clear overall idea of.

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 It’s always easier for me to see the whole first and then break it down into smaller parts. But this is not always possible. We just have to get used to the fact that the path we are walking opens up one step at a time. We can never see the whole journey at once, even if we wanted to. We just have to trust that the path will always lead us towards the dream. I get a lot of feedback from this blog. They write to me how great content is available on the blog, how based on the instructions you can actually achieve results and how simple it was to add an Instagram  Bulk Lead feed to the blog after just following the instructions. AND that has been the purpose of this blog from the beginning.

Implementing Digital Strategy

The way companies and employees work has change. Since the pandemic. People want the opportunity to choose how they work whether that’s remotely or adopting a hybrid approach. However. This new way of working can be a challenge for companies and their l&d departments. Without a face-to-face approach to training. It can be tough to upskill your marketing and sales teams as the digital world continues to evolve. In this article. We’ll look at what companies like yours can do to train their remote employees. And why it’s important. Plus. We look at great examples of how companies are upskilling remote workers and see why they’re successful. Why is it important to upskill?

What’s the difference between digital strategy and tactics

What’s the difference between digital strategy and tactics? First. Let’s look at what a digital strategy is and how it differs from tactics. A digital strategy is looking at how your internal and external environments inform your marketing activities. It should include elements such as your target audience. Existing customers. Strengths and weaknesses. And your competitors. In an ideal world. You should use data to inform and hypothesize. This will help you determine which marketing channels to use or test. Your target audience. And how to communicate your message or brand. On the other hand. Tactics are what you use or the actions you take to execute your strategy. This could be testing content across social meia channels. A focus on building high-quality backlinks.

Strategy vs tactics strategy

The illustration below from sparktoro gives you an idea of the difference in strategy and tactics for b2c and b2b companies. Strategy vs tactics strategy vs tactics 15 ways your digital strategy can fail now you know what a digital strategy is. Let’s look at 15 ways they can fail. 1. Expecting strategy implementation to be easy implementing a strategy is often a complex and challenging process that requires careful planning. Coordination. And execution. It’s not as simple as coming up with an idea and hoping it will fall into place. 2. Expecting all strategies to be successful when implemente not all strategies are successful. And even well-crafte strategies can fail due to a variety of factors.

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 So if the launch is just around the corner, do yourself a favor and postpone writing the sales page until after the launch. Or if you already have a sales page through which some sales have come but you would like more, improve the sales page instead of writing a completely new one. Take up to three things you would improve (eg headlines / subheadings, benefits and/or offer). The fewer changes you make, the easier it will be later to identify which of the changes improved the results.  with time to do both background work and writing. A sales page is not created in five minutes and not necessarily in fifty minutes.

Time calendaring Calendar yourself

 Here’s a good guideline to follow: 15 – 30 min to go through your dream customer (depending entirely new data on how complete the customer profile description you already have) 15 – 30 min disassembling the product and finding the benefits ( NOTE! If you have a 9-week online training, you don’t need to disassemble the benefits of each week, but those that are related to the biggest problem that the customer wants to solve with your help) 15 – 30 min clarifying the problem, need, benefit or pain point ( how do you crystallize it clearly and simply) 30 – 45 min finding barriers to purchase ( Tip: every question your potential customers ask are barriers to purchase) 15 min collecting feedback in one place if this has not been done yet OR 30 – 45 min asking for feedback from 5 – 10 customers and compiling them together 15 – 30 min assembling the results obtained with the product

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OR 30 – 45 min requesting the results obtained with the product from 5 – 10 customers and compiling them together 30 – 45 min thinking about and putting the stories together Deciding the structure of the sales page Sales pages can have several different structures that can be used. If you are not familiar with writing a sales page or you are not sure how to start, you should  Bulk Lead start with an easy structure. One good example is the AIDA structure: A = Attention I = Interest D = Desire A = Action This structure has only four parts, so it is easy to outline and write.

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Extensive dashboard to uncover possibilities that your TikTok stats have been hiding. Track, compare and control your TikTok stats to improve your TikTok management.  Use timing tables to find the most effective times to post your TikTok content to meet your goal. Create a content strategy based on tables that show the distribution of views and post engagement. finds the most effective hashtags to broaden the audience and engage with your TikTok content.

Turn your TikTok data into a fascinating live view.

Is a live social media analytics and reporting solution that empowers businesses to gain valuable insights. Therefore, companies can get the required TIkTok analytics   without spending hours manually pulling data from different platforms. You can quickly analyze new data many profiles, brand mentions, campaigns, and influencers from a centralized space. Main features:  Monitor the performance of your TikTok profile and how people react to it. Offer post recommendations to drive engagement. Provides suggestions to increase post views, likes, and comments based on popular posting times. Reveal the strategies used by rivals through a comparison group to highlight your rank against them.

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Track crucial metrics to fully understand your audience

Rank the varieties of posts that are most beneficial to your audience and business. Save time with fast data export options such as XLS, CSV, or gorgeously Bulk Lead  formatted reports in PDF and PPTX. In addition, it allows the automatic exchange of data via email.   Businesses that use multiple social media platforms will love this platform’s ability to handle multiple accounts from a single dashboard. Also, you can use it to monitor various rivals from different TikTok accounts.

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But it has increased compared to 2020 (also logical because it was when I started Attracting and retaining better management through mobile equity participation And employees promote the acquisition of ( may exchange stocks ) to create multiple financing opportunities: equity Convertible debt, cheaper bank loans, etc. Benefits for the first public shareholder in the form of a tax receivable agreement [8] Disadvantages.

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 There are several shortcomings in completing the first public shareholding: Huge legal, accounting  new data   and marketing costs, many of which are still in progress Disclosure of financial and business information requirements Management needs to invest meaningful time The risk of inability to raise the required funds and public dissemination of information that may be useful to competitors, suppliers, and customers. New shareholders result in loss of control and more serious agency problems.

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[11] Planning Planning is essential for successful IPO. A book [12] recommends the following seven planning steps: Train impressive management and professional teams to focus on public market development company business Use accounting principles  Bulk Lead  recognized by IPO to obtain audited financial statements Clean up company behavior Establish anti-acquisition defense measures Develop good corporate governance Create internal rescue opportunities and use IPO window.