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But it has increased compared to 2020 (also logical because it was when I started Attracting and retaining better management through mobile equity participation And employees promote the acquisition of ( may exchange stocks ) to create multiple financing opportunities: equity Convertible debt, cheaper bank loans, etc. Benefits for the first public shareholder in the form of a tax receivable agreement [8] Disadvantages.

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 There are several shortcomings in completing the first public shareholding: Huge legal, accounting  new data   and marketing costs, many of which are still in progress Disclosure of financial and business information requirements Management needs to invest meaningful time The risk of inability to raise the required funds and public dissemination of information that may be useful to competitors, suppliers, and customers. New shareholders result in loss of control and more serious agency problems.

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[11] Planning Planning is essential for successful IPO. A book [12] recommends the following seven planning steps: Train impressive management and professional teams to focus on public market development company business Use accounting principles  Bulk Lead  recognized by IPO to obtain audited financial statements Clean up company behavior Establish anti-acquisition defense measures Develop good corporate governance Create internal rescue opportunities and use IPO window.

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