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Automatic GA setup Web analytics February , Karolina Kniaziuk The end of Universal Analytics is imminent, and Google reminds us of this in various ways and motivates us to implement GA . If you use GA, you may have received an email in the last few days about the automatic configuration of Google Analytics . Not sure what this means for you?  From this activity, or can you use the option that Google offers you? We are here to dispel your doubts and answer all your questions. We will present you the advantages and disadvantages of automatic configuration, which will help you make an informed decision on the next steps related to Google Analytics.

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So let’s do it! Message from Google Here is the exact content of the message that Google sent to its users in recent days: message-from-google In addition, when entering a specific GA service, you can see a bar at the top with information about the migration to Google Analytics : Will Google automatically create a GA service for all users? In order for Google to take care of the automatic configuration of GA on your account, you must meet the following criteria:  Any data in the last months. You have Google Analytics auto-configuration enabled in your Universal Colombia Mobile Number List Analytics property settings: auto-configuration-of-core-google-analytics- The second condition is met by all users, as this option is enabled by default in all Universal Analytics properties.

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However it should be remembered. That according to Google’s announcement. Automatic configuration will not apply to people using. The paid version of GA, namely Universal. Analytics : Source: support. googleanalytics. Answer ?hl=en&ref_topic= zippy=% Cin-this-article Could automatic configuration. Not work? According to Google’s support, for auto-configuration to work. You need a global site tag, now known as Google Tag (gtag.js) – a tracking. Code that you install in the head section of your website. Tracks information on your website and passes. It on to Google Analytics or other Google related tools. This means that if you have added the tracking code available. In the GA  code: global-gtagjs-site-tag Then automatic configuration will be carried out for you. However, what about people who did not implement. UA directly in the website code, but Bulk Lead using Google Tag Manager? The help says that automatic configuration will also work in this situation: Source: support.

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