It is a very simple relationship, the more competences you have in your team, the higher level you provide services, which translates into the development of the entire enterprise and achieving further successes and. Revenues. Plallows our employees not only to broaden their knowlge, but also to inspire themselves, and to awaken the most important element that helps to avoid stagnation – CURIOSITY! According to the report we mention in the previous subchapter, by opening paths to development, you also increase the efficiency, not only of yourself, but of the entire organization.

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Broad thinking about business, career and, above all, further development allows you to take better steps and climb the career ladder, regardless of the organization in which you are now! Cooperation between Semahead and reklamakursó Online training on the platform provid by Strefakursó is one of the most accessible forms of acquiring knowlge. Within a given course, topics are divid into chapters. videos that discuss the topic in detail. Most of the trainings are accompani by materials on which the participant should work – preferably in parallel with the video material. This form of work is the most effective. Trainers often pay attention to make the course India Mobile Number List dimension as accessible as possible, but above all practical. In addition, the training is remote, which greatly facilitates the implementation of the program.

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In order to outline for you what the current cooperation between our organization and reklamakursó looks like, we ask our specialists, who have already complet the first month of operation, for a comment. In fact, some have even start training! We ask Filip Krakowski, the Product Designer himself, on the topic of development, learning and improving qualifications in the organization, as well as outside it :  With the opportunity to learn remotely and improve their Bulk Lead professional qualifications thanks to online courses is not only a proven brand building strategy, but also a great alternative to stationary training.