Dimensions Just like metrics

Dimensions Just like metrics

Let’s go through it together and enjoy the new service – maybe even today. Where to start the implementation? A good Google Analytics migration should start with an audit of Universal Analytics, which is the current version of GA you’re most likely using. Key are, among others: Goals Verify if all currently track goals are up to date, if they are all relevant to you, or maybe you ne new ones. Metrics Which metrics do you use most often and what are the most important to you? Verify that you can play them all in GA , and if not, do you have an alternative for them. Not all dimensions may be available in Google Analytics anymore.

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Check what you use in GA reports and see if you can find equivalents in the new version. Data views Are all previous views of the data relevant to you? Note that GA data streams are not synonymous with them. It is important to carefully consider your data collection nes and adjust your implementation accordingly. For example, some GA views may ne to become separate services. work, I invite you to the next stage,  the implementation of the service. Analytics Japan Phone Number List How to do a basic GA deployment step by step? In this part, step by step, we will show you how easy and pleasant it is to implement a new service yourself.

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We will not focus on replacing the current version of Universal Analytics, i.e. migration, but on the parallel launch of Google Analytics . Step . Launch the new Google Analytics service Go to the Google Analytics website, find your account and click on the Universal Analytics service you are interest in. Then go to the Administration section.  Administration Bulk Lead Section in GA . To create a new service, click on the blue button in the middle column call Create Service.

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