In addition, extensive internal linking will ruce the bounce rate , the bounce rate. Enter meta tags It should also be remember that the title tag and meta description should be complet ! The title tag should contain key phrases previously us to write the text. Give your content structure  Should have a hierarchical structure introduc with the help of H , H and H headings. Enumerations, points, and bold also create a visible structure that is simply better to read. Formatting is not time-consuming and will affect the previously mention bounce rate by improving the UX of the website.

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Even the most substantive text will scare away the user when it is a solid block of text without paragraphs, headings and sensible formatting. Don’t fall for the curse of knowlge You know, other specialists in the field also know, but your users don’t – that’s why they check on Google. Evergreen content answers the simplest and most trivial questions. That’s the nature of evergreen content, so don’t make it too difficult – create basic content that won’t put users off with too much technical jargon. Explain concepts, even the simplest ones, because evergreen is Hong Kong Mobile Number Database intend for beginners. If the user was an advanc user, he wouldn’t check. To update the publication date – users who see that a given post has been updat recently are more likely to read the content.

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If the date is too far away, users may think it is out of date. ​Evergreen content: once and for all A well-written article will pay off for months or even years, so it is worth spending some time on proper optimization. In the world of stories, it seems like everything has a brutal expiration date – hours and then to the trash. Blog texts can live Bulk Lead longer and enjoy longer popularity than Instagram rolls,  or FB stories.  A whole lot of different pages that vie for attention, there are topics that have more than a temporary popularity.