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Podcasts and SEO – what else should you pay attention to? After selecting the key phrases, move on to the next standard SEO elements. What should you pay attention to when publishing a podcast? Internal linking Traditionally: as in articles, podcasts should also link to each other. One is an extension of the other, then why not link an earlier podcast on a given topic. In the case of podcasts, as in the case of articles, it is worth creating thematic grids, also known as thematic clusters. Podcast publication It would be good if each episode of the podcast was on your.

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Treat each podcast episode like a new blog post. Our own website makes us independent from streaming services to some extent. Well, because when publishing on Spotify, we are dependent on the grace and disgrace of this site. If we have our own website for which we pay hosting, it is our resource that will be harder for us to take away. Categories and tags  host by us, categories and tags can be successfully includ in the positioning process. However, it is worth being Sri Lanka Phone Number List careful when constructing more and more new tags, and each subsequent tag should be creat taking into account search volumes and so as not to cannibalize with other subpages.

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More about how categories and tags work and why constructing a website structure is not as easy as it seems here: semahead.agencyblogseojak-stosowac-kategorie-i-tagi-zeby -be-visible-in-search engine Page spe Podcasts are podcasts, but it also matters where a given podcast is publish. We have no influence on the streaming site, but we do on our site.  To visit it – it must be adapt to high quality standards.website, and thus each episode of the Bulk Lead podcast on a separate subpage optimiz for specific keywords.

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