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For more on indexing and grouping podcasts in Google Podcast, there are also more specific RSS requirements here: . If the podcast is publish on WordPress, everything is as simple as plug-ins that are available right away. An example of a plugin is PowerPress. It is worth using the RSS validator to make sure that the implementation is correct. Example tools: castfevalidator and podba.sevalidate. Social mia and podcasts It is worth remembering that SEO does not exist in a vacuum. Every link has some kind of value, so every promotional channel should be us.

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You should inform your potential recipients about the existence of the podcast and try to reach them through every possible channel, thus it is worth promoting your podcast in social mia – good old Facebook,  Instagram – check where your recipients are and inform potential listeners about new episodes there. The above article, exactly the same principles apply to podcasts as to SEO for blog articles. Remember to create high-quality Taiwan Phone Number List content, both in audio and in written form, and we will certainly achieve high positions. The old rule applies here – do your job well and the profits will followQuick questions on the topic.

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How does remarketing work? PPC September , Krystian Kasowicz If you us to buy something on the Internet or browse specific websites, after some time you saw an advertisement for a given product or service. It is worth knowing that this is not an accidental procure that somehow happen to you. By advertisers to re-interest you with their offer and get the expect conversion. In this article, I will focus on the importance of remarketing in brand promotion and explain how it works in Google Ads and other major advertising platforms. Remarketing – what is it? The Internet Bulk Lead is developing at an astonishing spe, we know it not from today.

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