However it is worth being aware

However it is worth being aware

That is why we select key phrases before recording an episode, and not after – it is good for key phrases to appear in the spoken content during the broadcast. At the same time, you ne to check the search volumes – sometimes it is worth developing even low-volume phrases and bringing very niche traffic to the website. Of the user we are fighting for, whether we are targeting Internet users broadly or maybe we choose a narrow thematic niche. It will depend on how we will construct messages and whether we will correctly recognize the intention of users. Each user is valuable, but each of them has a different ne.

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At the same time, as in the case of articles, you should pay close attention to whether the phrases do not cannibalize. Keyword cannibalization occurs when two or more pages rank for a single keyword. Cannibalization also occurs with podcasts, and Google may have trouble choosing the right podcast to display for a given phrase. As a result – it will not display Russia Phone Number List us at all, or the effect may be a constant change of matching, which will also result in – sudden jumps in the page’s position for a given phrase.  Phrases Once we skillfully select key phrases for a specific podcast, where can we and should we use them.

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At the same time if the podcast

Title The title of the podcast should contain the key phrase  podcast, so that the user and the robot know that this material should be position for users with the intention of listening to some content. Is for example, an interview (especially with a famous person), it is worth using their name to promote your podcast by placing it in the title tag. meta-description Although it is not taken into account when positioning, it affects CTR. CTR, on the Bulk Lead other hand, probably affects the position of phrases.

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