Unemployment and layoffs relat

Unemployment and layoffs relat

Google, bas on searches, has prepar a very in-depth report on the behavior of people from around the world. Below are some of the most important trends. Protests around the slogan “black lives matters” and “how to protest safely” – this is undoubtly the number one topic of the past month . Also, making donations to the victims of the pandemic and victims of racism unit the whole globe in a just cause. Local shopping to support national economies and small entrepreneurs is also an effect of the pandemic. People have recogniz how important it is to buy from a and not from a global brand at this time.  To COVID- also result in a significant increase in inquiries about casual or even summer jobs.

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In the family sphere, the greatest boom was record in the search for ideas to occupy time with children and ucate at home. Behavior during COVID source: cee/insights-trends/research-data covid-shopping -insights Full study and details at the link: cee insights-trends research-datacovid-shopping-behaviour-insights Google Images extend with Knowlge Graph If you happen to use an image search, you’ve surely notic that the first results present expand to include a Finland Phone Number List field of information relat to a given photo – usually this is a shortcut of information from Wikipia.  Users to explore a given topic right away, without having to paste titles or links and start another search.

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You can preview these changes at: searchenginelandgoogle-images-adds-more-facts-about-images-with-the-knowlge-graph- Social Mia Selling – why you SHOULD take care of Social Mia As a result of the lockdown, many entrepreneurs who know the situation quickly have mov their activities to social mia. Maybe not exactly an activity, because in the case of some industries it is impossible, but the mere interest in the mia turn out to be a great success. Who only Bulk Lead has accounts on FB, Insta or  – spent much more time in them.

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