When our form is ready we still

When our form is ready we still

In a situation where we give the option of selecting contacts in multiple-choice answers, then apart from the standard message at the end, you will also have to complete the content of the message for people who have not become contacts.  Have the Settings tab , which is very important, because the form’s technical performance and its cooperation with the CRM depend on it, if we connect it. First, select the form language in which you want the potential customer to see the form constants. If you do not want to create multiple language versions, and you operate on different markets, the most universal language will usually be English.

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Then choose the options share whether access is to be limit, only people who are display ads can fill it out, or access to be open, everyone can share and submit the form. In the first option, we will have fewer contacts, but due to our targeting, in the second option there will be more contacts, but people outside our target group may be found. In the case of automatic Romania Phone Number List form handling, are field names. Here we can change them so that they are display in the file in the appropriate way for the system that supports contacts.

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The last element is the parameter monitoring option, which allows you to identify the source of contacts – these are fields not visible to the user, but visible when handling forms later. Get contacts from instant forms Often many people have a problem with finding where to download the collect contacts, so we will briefly suggest.  Business Suite, then select All tools and in the Advertisements section , Instant Forms. We will see a list of forms here. The easiest way is Bulk Lead to search for the form by name and then click the Download button.

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