Landing Page Most years post a Pride collection but and articles. Today we want to go one step further and show you how Virtual Reality can help you create a better work environment. What if you could test a new workspace before building it? To create a new workplace, sometimes. You have to change the interior design. That takes time difficult when the employees cannot imagine. What the whole thing will look like How can you be sure that the changes you want will actually have an impact? The answer is simple You have to test it Virtual.

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Reality Headsets and D Models virtual reality Let us introduce you to the cheapest Virtual Reality (VR) headset on the market Google Cardboard. As the name suggests, Google Cardboard is a virtual reality. Headset made of cardboard You can find models starting at. Of dollars that professional VR headsets cost And that’s not even done. With a headset You also ne a powerful PC to run the software Google Cardboard, on the other hand, is cheap and easy to set up It allows you to experience virtual reality using a cardboard box and your mobile phone. How Armenia Mobile Number List VR headsets can improve your workplace That sounds great You can experience virtual reality apps in a cardboard box But how does that help you with your workplace design problem? I think you already guess it We can create D models that your employees can immerse themselves in using.

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A VR headset Instead of showing a pretty photo of the new table, you have the opportunity to let your employees. Experience their future with their own eyes Your team members can really feel the space What do you think? Is the room too small? Is he too big? Before you have the room built, we can now use a few role plays to find out and show what problems Bulk Lead the employees. Such role-plays, we assign practical tasks that the team has to solve in the virtual world.