In this way users are looking

In this way users are looking

For this reason, intentions can be divid into two basic groups: shopping intentions – an Internet user entering the password “nike air max promotion” is most likely interested in buying and looking for a store offering the most attractive price. Next to the product name, such a user will enter the words: buy, shop, cheap, online, promotion ; information intentions – they respond to questions such as “how to change a tire on a car” or “the best ways to lose weight.  For answers to their questions or information related to a selected topic.

We are talking about navigation

In the case of informative intentions, the keyword is preced by the phrases: how, what, best, recommend, why. Among the search intents, we can distinguish two more: navigational and preparation for the transaction. When the user wants to reach a specific website without knowing its exact URL. On the other hand, the intention to prepare for the Senegal Phone Number List transaction is to search for opinions and reviews about a specific product, even before making a purchase. Correctly recognizing the intentions of Internet users whom we want to attract to our website will not only make it easier to select SEO keywords.

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Selection of keywords for the store

Also provi users with exactly what they are looking for! SEO keywords – how to choose the best phrases for website positioning? Choosing the right keywords for positioning is the foundation of any optimization strategy . Therefore, you should approach it with your head, conducting an analysis of the site based on all available data.  When running an online store, our main goal is to sell. That is why we should care about phrases that will attract traffic to pages with product categories and subpages of the products themselves. Positioning for product phrases will help us in this. In orr Bulk Lead to increase traffic and influence conversion, it will also be helpful to run a company blog.

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