They are usually entered into

They are usually entered into

That is why keyword research is often referred to in the context of keyword analysis . It is the foundation of your SEO strategy, so it’s worth learning as much as possible about keywords before you start optimizing your website. Types of keywords Before we start searching for key phrases for which we should position our website, it is worth knowing that there are several types of them. General keywords Also called generics, s consist of one or two words.  The search engine by people who do not have specific needs. For example: when typing “dress” or “women’s jacket” into Google, they do not mean specific mols or products, but only research the topic.

They have less search potential

In the case of general phrases, the competition is huge and it is more difficult to position pages for them. However, if we manage to jump into high search engine positions, they can generate a lot of traffic for us! Long tail phrases Long-tail phrases consist of several words and usually very clearly show the intentions of the user.  But also less competition. By using them in your strategy, we will reach specific customers, which can translate into conversion. A user who is looking for a “bottle green women’s long dress” is often interested in buying it – it’s worth taking advantage of this Singapore Phone Number List when positioning for these types of keywords! Brand phrases It’s all those keywords that have the company name in it.

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Most often they refer to the most famous brands, and good examples of such phrases. Are “new balance shoes” or “zara pants”. Brand keywords are characterized. By high search potential. But also high competition.  We offer there are also those from well-known manufacturers, it is worth positioning for these brands. Product phrases Users who enter the names of specific products in the search engine know what they are looking for! They know the product, have Bulk Lead heard about it and there is a good. chance that they are also interested in buying it.

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