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Google Ads campaigns use sales phrases, and the higher the rate per word, the more people try to promote their product on them . You should be aware that in the case of this type of words, the competition’s actions to increase visibility will be much more intense. Positions, we will have to put a lot of effort into it, which, however, will not always pay off. When examining the potential of phrases, it is also worth taking into account the average monthly number of searches . We will find it both in the planner and with tools such as Senuto or Ahrefs.

Keyword planner Keyword planner

Not just a keyword planner – the best phrase search tools There are several keyword search tools on the market. Some of them are free, while others require the purchase of a license. Appropriate tools greatly facilitate and streamline the keyword research process , so it is worth getting to know them and testing their operation in practice. Is one of the most popular tools used by SEO specialists. To use it, you must have not only a Google account, but also a Google Romania Phone Number List Ads campaign. In the keyword planner, we will check the average number of searches for a given term, the CPC bid, and we will also receive suggestions for new words.

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Senuto keyword database You can access this tool after creating an account. After entering the phrase in the search engine. We will receive not only the result we are interested. In but also related terms that we can use for positioning. The Senuto tool also provis a list of questions related to a given word , useful when planning content for the site. ubersuggest  useful uses in its free version. After entering the phrase, we receive information about the number of searches Bulk Lead on mobile vices and sktop, as well as suggestions for related keywords.

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