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Google Chrome very clearly informs users that the website on which the Internet user is locat is dangerous if the SSL certificate is not implement. Or am I already on Google News and don’t know it? Perhaps we were add to Google News without the active participation of the page, Google just decid that the page is so valuable and interesting that it is worth it. To check this, open the Google search engine and use the “site:” operator, “site: semahead. agency”. Then click on the “Messages” tab.you have to add your website manually.

Sometimes itors want their content

However, if there are articles there, it means that the page is already add to Google News, as in the case of Semahead: However, if we are not in this tab, Google will be happy to guide us through the adding process at: publishercenter. google. In addition, this panel gives you the option to change the appearance of the publish news, change the square logo: Unfortunately, domain verification can take up to weeks. Content behind a paywall – what then? To be available only Finland Phone Number List after paying, for example, a subscription. Many itorial offices have such a business model, Gazeta Wyborcza.

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Often In the optimization frenzy

Still, the content appears in Google News, how is it possible? Why shouldn’t Google have access to it? Well, it does, because it has been mark in the structur data that the content is available only after paying the fee. How to optimize content for Google News? The principles of writing “for SEO” and for Google News are very similar. Similar issues matter. Among them, traditionally: Article title – title should contain key phrases and not be too long. We create very long, very over-optimiz titles that could be interpret as spam. The content should be divid into Bulk Lead paragraphs separat by H headings, which should contain key phrases. Let’s not skimp on the pictures – images optimiz for weight and alts should enrich the text. 

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