Google throws in the cryptic information ” We may grant exceptions to this policy for artistic, ucational, historical, documentary or scientific value, and in cases where it may clearly be beneficial to society support. google newspublisher-centeranswer ?hl=pl  however, it is not worth counting on Google’s kindness and appreciation of the artistic values ​​of our article. It’s best to stick to the guidelines and not count on luck. Portals in Google News must publish original content – it cannot be reprints from other sites, only original content that is easy to verify.

Clickbaits will negatively affect

Any spelling errors lower the authority of the domain and affect the rating of the site. SENSATIONAL TITLES – will not pass. Tabloid style is not something Google News is betting on. Reliable information bas on sources without too much emotional overtones is something that Google News rewards. It is worth adding key phrases (but as always in the case of SEO) – let users and search engines know what to expect from the article.  The cribility of the website. This is not absolutely requir, but a Google News sitemap is useful. Such a sitemap should include the latest news from the last hours, and the size of the XML map should not exce a thousand addresses, which is Estonia Phone Number List much less than in a standard sitemap. Importantly, the news map differs from the standard sitemap in terms of tags.

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A given news item that is to appear

The news sitemap has an additional element in the form of news:publication, <news:publication_date>; and news:title. No less important is the technical optimization of the website. In News must have a static URL. Google hates change in this regard, especially since the nature of Google News requires updates to this news, so Google has to go back and verify any Bulk Lead changes. It will have a problem with this if the address is dynamic.

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