You can find a list of support

You can find a list of support

This will help you understand which traffic sources or campaigns generate the most sales. What is worth remembering when configuring the purchase event is setting the currency parameter . If you don’t, the reports will show the number of transactions, but not the revenue. This is a common mistake because Universal Analytics didn’t require a currency code. In GA , however, it is a prerequisite. currency parameter setting It’s important not to include currency signs such as. GA won’t understand what it is. The standard must be adher to, PLN, EUR, USD, CAD.  Currencies here.

This is where you configure

Currency code and time zone mismatch When creating Google Analytics , remember not only about the stream settings, but also about the service itself. Your reporting time zone and currency: service settings You may think that these are minor issues, but notice that if the currency is not compatible with the parameters you send with a specific event, then the data will not be compatible with your store’s panel. You will then not be able to draw correct conclusions about your customers. You set it to US-New York, for example. When you see in your reports that the most Georgia Phone Number List transactions took place at  and in fact it was : Polish time, schuling the campaign for : can cost you a lot. No referral exclusion list creat By applying referral exclusions, you will get information about the real source and mium of sale in Google Analytics reports.

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Traffic from a given domain

This is a feature that unfortunately many users forget about. Should not be recogniz as a referral in the case of: payment operators websites, addresses from postal services. This is easier in GA than in Universal Analytics because you can use regular expressions. Thanks to this, we will add several dozen domains in one line, instead of adding them one by one as in UA: list of unwant referrers This functionality will affect the correct assignment of Bulk Lead conversions to the appropriate sources in our reports.

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