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There’s a reason the phrase ” Google ” finally coin. The cool features and services of Google? Today we will present you interesting facts about Google that you had no idea about! . A space journey with Google Earth Google Maps allows you to always find your destination (provid you know where to find the south ), but did you know that with Google you can also make an amazing journey beyond Our Planet? You can visit Mars today and overtake Elon Musk with Google Earth. On June this year.

Drop everything and go

Google Earth celebrat its twentieth birthday – it’s a great opportunity to visit not only the R Planet, but the natural satellite of the Earth – the Moon and admire its beauty up close. . Space is too far away?  to the Bieszczady Mountains! Tir of sitting at home? It’s a good thing – Google has a useful feature that will allow you to plan your dream trip. All you have to do is type in the search engine the combination of the words “flights” and the name of the destination you are Azerbaijan Phone Number Lis interest in, e.g.: Bieszczady, and Google will show you a list of flight connections, along with the price for the ticket! After clicking on the appropriate link, it will also offer you other offers of airlines.

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This allows for their creative use

See the world through Google’s eyes with the Lens app Google has huge amounts of data on its servers, which have been collect for many years.  In many aspects. Insights into what Google and their algorithms can do can be gain with Google Lens. You don’t know the name of this beautiful flower that you admire while walking through the park? Point the camera of your smartphone at it, in a few seconds you will learn more about it thanks to the Lens application: Google Lens can Bulk Lead also scan and automatically translate a fragment of text in an unfamiliar language.

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