The Google Creative Lab team

The Google Creative Lab team

We take no responsibility for how your roommates react to your creations, so use these tools wisely! . However, everyone can draw You have no drawing talent?¬† is here to help. AutoDraw will make you a Picasso even if you have two left hands . Banana for scale: Despite my anti-talent, the application suggest a ready drawing. The program works on the basis of the analysis of hundrs of thousands of freehand drawings of users and matching them with ready-made drawings prepar by Google. You can now safely enter in your CV competencies: “Paint Master.

The basis of a healthy lifestyle

Follow trends with Google Hot Trends The Google Trends tool is a constantly updat collection of data on Google search trends, but did you know that you can also visualize this data in real time? Go to the Google HotTrends website and find out what the Polish Internet is all about. Keep fit, count calories, track workout progress¬† is a balanc diet. Did you know that you can check the calorie content of products directly in the search engine? Just enter the name of the Bahamas Phone Number List product and the word “calories” and you will see a table of calories in g of the product: Too little? Download the Google Fit app and track the progress of your workouts and activities.

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The Google Assistant is here

Start your day right with the Google Assistant Say hello to the Google Assistant with “Good Morning” and you’ll get weather updates and upcoming appointments from your Google Calendar to start your day: After adjusting the assistant’s settings, you can also hear the latest news from the world or control Smart Home devices. What’s the melody? Just heard a song you like but don’t know the name?¬† to help – all you have to do is ask “What’s the tune?” and give him a Bulk Lead moment to listen and he will respond with the name of the song.

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