All tect internal links can be found

All tect internal links can be found

Screaming Frog It is a crawler that allows you to extract a huge amount of information about the site. A frog jumping from address to address will tell us which links take you to pages with an invalid response co (e.g. or unnecessary xx rirects).  In the inlinks tab with tail information about them. It will often be necessary to export this data to an excel file and segregate it according to individual nes, because the number of records can reach even several million references. The module that provis valuable information about internal linking is Site Structure, visible in the right part of the program.

In the links tab there is an

The information found there gives knowlge about the architecture of the site, the pth of embment of addresses in the structure and the general situation regarding linking insi the site. Particularly interesting is the Crawl pth section, which in the form of a chart or table shows how ep a user or robot must “dig” to find content hidn in the further parts Armenia Phone Number List of the page. Google Search Console Slightly less accurate information is provid by Google Search Console. Internal links” section, which informs us about the total number of internal links tect by Google robots and the number of links that lead to individual addresses on the page.

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Changing values ​​can therefore

This is not particularly valuable information in the context of optimizing internal linking, but it is worth monitoring this data. If the number increases drastically, it may mean that googlebot has access some part of the site that was previously unavailable to it. Be a warning sign that you should take a closer look at internal links plac on the website. Google Search Console also gives valuable information about internal links on our site in other places. In the Status tab, we can Bulk Lead see what obstacles Googlebot encounter while crawling the site.

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