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QUIZ top effective blog entriesTOP effective blog entries for each industry Are you starting a company blog and looking for inspiration for interesting entries? In content on the blog? Or maybe you are just looking for news and blog trends? You’ve come to the right place! Learn the most popular types of blog posts and how to use them effectively. Quick questions on the topic! START THE QUIZ content duplicationDuplicate content – ​​what is content duplication and how does it affect SEO? We talk about duplicate content when there is the same content on more than one website.

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Often the cause of this phenomenon is oversight or lack of sufficient knowlge. Is duplicate content harmful to SEO? How to avoid content duplication? we answer! Quick questions on the topic!  Errors to avoid The new version of GA includes features that you won’t find in the old one, and Google’s documentation may not be intuitive for everyone. That’s why we come to help! In the article below, you will learn what mistakes to avoid in the tool migration Japan Mobile Numbers List process, thanks to which the data collect by your service will be a solid basis in the process of further analysis and making good business decisions.

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Quick questions on the topic!How to export data from Universal Analytics? Web analytics August , Karolina Kniaziuk Universal Analytics to Google Analytics , you are probably wondering if there is a way to keep the data collect so far from GA . Will you be able to import them into GA ? Is there a free export method? What constraints do you ne to consider? In the article below, we will present you Google’s messages on this subject and tell you what are the current possibilities of Bulk Lead storing your dataData export to Google Analytics We do not have good news in this regard. 

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