Addition, if we ne to conduct more complex data analyzes or determine additional metrics, we will find appropriate functions that will help us in this.  Export is a simple, free method that requires only the ability to navigate the Google Analytics standard reports panel. However, we must pay attention to the fact that, unfortunately, it has its drawbacks. First, before exporting data, make sure how many rows you have select. By default, the first lines are display, if there are more of your data in a given time range, lines, then you must remember to change the number of data present at the bottom of the table: As you can see, we have a limit of rows here.

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If you have more of them in a given report, then you ne to export the information in separate files. The second complication is that your data in standard reports can be sampl. You can check if this is really the case by looking at the sign next to the report title: If you see a green shield, the data is not being sampl. However, when this sign takes on the orange color, then, unfortunately, we are dealing with incomplete data.  In Google Analytics on this page: support. Googleanal Malaysia Mobile Number List yticsanswer ?Ctematy-w-tym-artykule. The third consideration is how many reports you plan to export. If one or two, then it will not take you much time to click them properly.

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If you plan to export more reports, then this method may become cumbersome and quite time-consuming for you. UA Query Explorer If you’ve ever dealt with the process of creating UTM parameters for a campaign, then you’re probably familiar with.  We will also find the Query Explorer tab – ga-dev-tools.All you have to do is enter it, click login: You will log in to the account with which you have access to the Google Universal Analytics service, select the account, service and view from which you want to download data: Notice that on the left Bulk Lead you have a UA or GA selection switch.