The slider next to each event allows you to enable or disable sending events to Google Analytics with one move. Google Analytics Advanc Measurement Events . When you’re done setting up this section, click the blue “Create Stream” button. Step. Configuring data streams In the next step, after starting the data stream, a tab will be display where you can continue the configuration. The first frame contains all the necessary information about the stream tracking ID, measurement ID and name.  In Google Analytics.

Administration Services Section in GA

In the data stream details section, you can, among other things: specify a list of domains to be track across domains, define internal traffic. Traffic from your office, list referral sites you don’t want to follow whether to adjust the duration of the session. To the individual nes of your website, and also define some user actions. In the “View tag instructions” tab. You will also find instructions on how to install the Google Analytics tracking script – you can do it directly in the page. Code or Italy Mobile Number Database with the help of Google Tag Manager (recommend). Step  Service configuration Go back to the Administration tab and pay attention to the content in the Services section.

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Advanc Configuration Dear Reader

In this part you can focus on settings relat to: how data is collect on the website, activation of Google signals, management of service permissions, data attribution, User-ID configuration, or the time of storing historical data. In the “Service combinations” subsection. You can integrate GA with other tools, such as Google Ads, Google Search Console or BigQuery. Summary  we have just introduc you to the basic configuration of the new Google Analytics service. If this is not enough for you, something is unclear, or you are simply a user with more Bulk Lead advanc nes, we strongly encourage you to contact us.