Happening A very useful

Happening A very useful

In what cases is it worth using such a “destination” goal? Examples of goals that can be measur include entering the contact page, price list page or thank you for the purchase . In the last example, it’s a good idea to additionally configure funnel steps. But requiring additional configuration, type of goal is “event”.Goals in Google Analytics At first glance, the configuration does not look complicat – we only have a few fields to fill out. But where to get category values , actions and labels ? This is where we get to the event configuration.

The event category is Ecommerce

You can check if your Google Analytics account is receiving events in the Behavior > Events > Top Events report. You can measure each event that reaches your account as a goal. Often the events come from e-commerce data counting setups. In this case, some events are already reaching your account and you can use them. Once you locate the event that you want to measure as a goal achievement, all you ne to do is fill in one field – category, action or label you can, of Bahrain Phone Number List course, all of them. Goals in Google Analytics Suppose you want to count adding a product to the cart as a goal. But you see other events with this category in your data.

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If there are no events with

The label is not defin, so we’ll use an action to distinguish adding to cart from other events. The configuration could look like below: Goals in Google Analy tics As it was mention earlier, one complet field is enough to configure the goal.  The add To Cart action and a category other than Ecommerce, entering the category is not necessary in this case. Tip: Keep in mind that Bulk Lead each goal completion counts up to once per session, no matter how many times the event occurs.

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