In the free version of Google Analytics

In the free version of Google Analytics

In this article you will learn, among other things: what goals your website can have, what are the types of goals, how to configure events using Google Tag Manager, what the target values ​​might be. Fix Analytics What’s all this for? Each website has a specific purpose. Most often it is one main goal sales or lead generation and micro goals – their implementation means user involvement . Such micro-goals can be, for example, subscribing to a newsletter, adding a product to the basket or visiting a page with a price list. Target types In the goals configuration panel, we have several types of custom goals to choose from: destination thank you.html, session duration at least minutes, pages  screens per session pages, event playing a video. Tip: You can create up to goals in one view.

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You can use the first three of them without any additional configuration other than Google Analytics. The last one, the event, requires you to set up events on your website – either directly in the page code or using Google Tag Manager. Session duration and pages/screens per session are self explanatory.  I will focus on the other two types of goals. Goals in Google Bahamas Phone Number List AnalyticsSetting up the goal consists of a few simple steps: . Enter the path of the page whose pageview is to be count as the achievement of the goal.

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Be sure to include only the path, not the entire URL; it is also mark under the field:Goals in Google Analytics The second important thing is to choose the appropriate type of matching the given address. The options are “equals”, “begins with” and “regular expression”. Goals in Google AnalyticsIf “equals” is select, the page path must be exactly as specifi in the field. For example, if you specify “/thank you.html”, then thank you. html” will count as a goal Bulk Lead achievement, but not thank you. html?id. parameters in the thank you page address, you can use the “begins with” option.

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