Thanks to this we will gain more complete information about the effectiveness of individual pages or traffic acquisition channels , because we will be bas not only on the conversion rate alone. When you have several goals of different value entering the price list page is less valuable than filling out the contact form. How to determine the value of the goal? In some cases, this will be relatively easy. If you offer a product or service that has a specific price and you know how many form completions end up with the signing of a contract, it is easy to calculate how much one form completion is worth to you. This is your goal value.

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In many cases however it is much more difficult, for example, how to assess the value of visiting the contact page or downloading a PDF from a case study? Therefore, goals are often treat as weights that allow not so much to determine the exact revenue from the source of traffic or the value of the website, but to compare these values ​​with each other.  facebook  ads generat Wuhan Mobile Phone Numbers a similar value of the goal as direct entries, but there were almost times more goal fulfillment from this source, which means that these goals were less valuable.

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The value of the goal can be

Tip If you use e-commerce tracking, adding value to your goals is not recommend. This may distort the data, as the value of the page will be calculat bas on both real transactions and their revenues, as well as – usually – contractual values ​​u bof goals. Moreover, goals, unlike transactions, only count once per session, which creates another inconsistency. Specifi during the configuration of the goal or taken from the value of the event. It is worth leaning towards the second option, which gives more privacy to users, serving freom of expression, not Bulk Lead embarrassing the exchange of opinions and asking questions.