Goog Leweb fundamentals performance

Goog Leweb fundamentals performance

However, Google does not leave websites without help. A tool call Google Page Spe ​​is able to generate a list of errors that cause the website to slow down. It also gives recommendations which, if implement, will spe up your site. One of the recommendations is the implementation of the so-call “Lazy Loading” mechanism. What is lazyloading? Lazy loading is most often in the form of a script that causes the part of the content that is not relevant at the moment to load only when it is ne , i.e. if the user “scrolls” to it. Example: Lazy loading Source: developers. Lazy-loading-guidance/images-and-video This mechanism usually occurs in tandem with images that are, for example, at the end of the page.

It is only when the user enters

There is no ne for them to load immiately, as this can significantly slow down the core elements of the page.  a given area that it is load. Let’s face it, the user often won’t even reach the gallery at the very bottom of the page, or the video below the fold, i.e. the content that we will see only after scrolling through the page – part of which cannot be seen immiately after loading the site. Therefore, it is not worth wasting time on them. By delaying their loading the so-call initial render, you can gain fractions of seconds, but they are very valuable, consideringthat a page Kazakhstan Phone Number List performs well if it takes around seconds to load.

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If you’ve seen blurry images

Thanks to this technique, the first page load will be much faster also for the Google robot. Lazy Loading and users Many people have certainly encounter, even unconsciously, the presence of lazy loading on the websites they browse. That take a while to come into focus, what seem to be just a picture turn out to be a video, or a loading sign appear at the end of the list of Bulk Lead articles and more articles appear – then this page is most likely lazy loading was us . What not to load slower? All logos on the page should load right away.

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