There is no silver bullet to increase

There is no silver bullet to increase

Regardless of the frequency of sending messages, the most important is the content of mailings. Make sure that each mailing is valuable for your users, and then they will certainly be more involv, which will positively affect your relations with them. Check the correctness of displaying mailings Before sending, check the correctness of displaying messages on different devices. Nowadays, a lot of users open emails on smartphones. According to the Gemius report, % of users make purchases using smartphones , so it is worth ensuring that mailings are display correctly on each device. Data analysis the conversion of mailings. It all depends on the industry and the preferences of your users.

What should be research to increase

Therefore the best method to increase conversions from sending newsletters is ongoing data analysis and testing . Analyze individual campaigns as well as global data for all activities. Don’t be afraid to experiment, so perform A/B tests , thanks to which you will be able to improve the appearance of your mailings, as well as examine which topics work best in your industry.  Conversion? User activity – analyze user activity on your website, check which days of the week and at what time they are most active. OR and CTR – basic data about how a given mailing convert. Do A B tests to get to know your users better and find out what makes them interest Jordan Phone Number List in your product service. Number of transactions after each mailing – check which mailing converts the most in terms of the number and value of transactions.

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Click map – check which places within the mailings were the most clickable. Most newsletter sending tools have this feature. Number of unsubscriptions from the database – analyze the number of unsubscriptions from the subscriber database, as well as the reasons for unsubscribing. Unsubscribe due to receiving e-mails too often, it may be worth thinking about rucing its number, or segmenting the base into active and less active customers and adjusting the Bulk Lead amount of mailings according to customer activity.

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