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There are e.g. a Puppeteer script that allows you to test the implementation locally, however programming knowlge is requir. Of how a given Google page sees will be taken – then you can compare the screenshots with what both the user and Google should see. Another, easier option to check how the page is render using lazy loading, i.e. whether all images and content are display correctly in the eyes of Google, is to use Google Search Console – there is an option to check it. To sum up Without a doubt, page spe is one of the most important ranking factors.

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The question arises – is it worth fighting for every millisecond? Definitely yes – it will not only have a positive impact on SEO, but also gain in the eyes of users. Half of the users more than seconds is too long to wait for a website response – let’s take care of our users and don’t let them wait . Contact us – and we’ll help you manage your SEO. contact Comments add Kenya Phone Number List comment Your e-mail address will not be publish. Requir fields are mark comment name Email Carolina Baran SEO Specialist Since , he has been helping Semahead’s clients to gain top positions in search engines. Morelinkinin baran-karolina entries.

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