In SEO you have to be like Picasso

In SEO you have to be like Picasso

Thanks to these skills, the SEO specialist becomes independent and, in a sense, independent of programmers. He can implement the publish guidelines on the website himself or implement various solutions or tools. SEO specialist: personality and soft skills What prispositions should an SEO specialist have? What is useful at work? We suggest: Non-schematic thinking  first learn the basics (that’s why Picasso went to the School of Fine Arts in Catalonia first and then deconstruct them and adapt them to specific cases (and Picasso start experimenting with forms and solids.

These are usually minor changes

SEO guides and courses will be useful at the beginning of the road, but over time we put the map aside and set our own paths. Then let’s treat them like a guide to the world of Google. Over time, knowlge from training will become insufficient and the digital world is so unexpect that you will have to look for non-standard solutions every day. And this is another feature. Flexibility Every day, the search engine algorithm changes several times.  That do not affect the core of the algorithm – nevertheless, the only constant in the world of SEO is change. Every day in the life Belize Phone Number List of a seo hunter is a new adventure. At the same time, it is worth remembering that in this game no one has made the rules of the game available to positioners.

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If you do not observe digital trends

Google gives partial information on how its algorithm works, so all knowlge about SEO is bas on incomplete data from Google, joint seo-brainstorming and tests on living organisms,  clients. And that leads to the next feature: Curiosity Due to the fact that the algorithm is constantly changing, this job requires constant improvement and expanding your knowlge. From day to day, without notice, the algorithm can change and you have to adapt to it.  Do not read Bulk Lead the most important blogs, or do not check the news from behind the great waters, then you are outside the information flow.

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