For this purpose find a climatic

For this purpose find a climatic

First of all we ne to present the dress on a mol – the recipient of our advertisement is to be a woman. Secondly – to strengthen the message, we should avoid a photo shoot in the studio . Instead, let’s take photos outdoors.  Street of the city or some charming place somewhere on the beach – after all, we present a dress for the holidays. Thirdly – let’s show the mol in everyday, natural circumstanceswhere the client may be. This will allow you to intify with the situation present in the photo even better. If our assumption is to present the above product in the best possible way, let’s show the mol in a summer scenery – walking through atmospheric streets using natural light.

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A woman in a summer dress Composition Now let’s move on to the technical issues. In photography, there are certain rules and principles that make the photo more pleasant to perceive, and the user’s attention is direct to a specific place. One such rule is the rule of thirds . Simply put, it is dividing the image into equal parts, both vertically and horizontally. Occur are call strong points . Just as text is read from top to bottom, left to right, so is an image. Therefore, the most important elements in the photo should be at the upper left intersection point.

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The rule of thirds of photography Another element that will help you in the composition of the frame are gui lines . They are practically everywhere! buildings, bridges, cars and other architectural elements in front of the camera lens. Gui lines are a natural way of dividing the composition or focusing our eyes on a specific place. In orr to better illustrate, look at the frame below, where the walls of the building, the pavement, the sky, form lines on practically every si that direct our eyes to the very center of the photograph. And it is there, in the central point, that Bulk Lead we should place the key element of our photo.

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