A large pth of field means

Color psychology pth of field We can also influence where our eyesight will go first after seeing the photo with the right pth of field.  that most of the elements visible in the photo will be clear. On the other hand, a small pth of field will allow you to isolate one specific tail – this means that the element on which we focus will be clear, while the rest of the photo will be blurr. Such a procure will make us focus our eyes on this one, well- visible tail first.

The distance between the camera

We can influence the shallow pth of field in several ways. The first is the appropriate setting of the aperture value – the smaller it is, the blurrier the background. Another factor is the focal length of the lens – the longer the focal length, the better the effect.  And the subject is also important. As you get closer to your subject, you crease the pth of field, and as you move away, you increase it. To better illustrate and unrstand how the above settings work and how specific values ​​affect the photo, use the simulator – you can set a specific focal Anhui Mobile Phone Number Database length, aperture, distance from the photograph object, and even the mol of a specific lens or the background of the photo. Example The influence of pth of field on perception is clearly visible in the example below.

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Can you see here the components

The first thing we pay attention to is sports footwear, then we focus on the athlete who is preparing for the run. pth of field Look at this photo again carefully.  of a good photo, which we mention in the first three points? The content of the frame – sports shoes and a runner preparing for the start. Being an athlete who is looking for a new pair of Bulk Lead running shoes, we can easily intify with what we see in the picture.

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