Therefore in case of problems you

Therefore in case of problems you

Ongoing response to increases and creases – often, especially in the case of upward trends, we do not expect extensive comments on the current situation. Everything is going well, revenues are growing, campaigns are working properly, so we are confint about cooperation. The problem arises in the case of sudn drops, and then there is frustration relat, firstly, to the lack of immiate reaction (when we only learn about the crease in the result from the report), and secondly, to the lack of commentary on the reasons for these creases.  Should expect contact from the Account.

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In the report on the campaigns you can expect comments. On what the changes result from and how these changes were influenc by previously taken. Actions or what will be the current reaction to problems. Sincerity – according to the principle that Only those. Who do nothing don’t make mistakes problematic situations may arise in cooperation. However, it is important that the agency immiately informs about them. And that this message is honest.  To the fact that informing about bad or difficult. situations does not consist. Only in accusing or admitting guilt, but above all, in providing. A clear solution to the problem. Honesty in agency-client relations also consists in 1000 Mobile Phone Number List catching errors of both parties, continuous monitoring of the situation and alerting in emergency situations, especially when the problem is not within the scope of the agency’s activities, but it was the agency that notic it first.

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The basis for this unrstanding

Summary It is worth remembering that we do not have to be specialists in every single field of internet marketing to unrstand what we pay the agency for. A good business partner should ensure that all actions and cisions taken are clear enough for the marketing person on the client’s si to unrstand.  however, is setting consistent business goals and termining their metrics, as well as proper communication. Building good relationships is mutual, but it brings multidimensional Bulk Lead and long-term benefits, so it is worth investing the team’s efforts in them.

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