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Analytics A brief history of cookies

In the following article, we organize the basic knowlge about their origin and meaning. Cookie – what does it mean? Colloquially known as cookies, these are small text files us to identify individual users who visit websites. They are call cookies: HTML, HTTP, online, browser. When you visit a website, this small piece of text is sent to your browser. On your next visit, the Netherlands Mobile Number List browser sends it back. This allows cookies to allow the website to recognize the returning visitor as the same person.  Cookies were invent in by Lou Montulli , who work as a web browser developer at Netscape Communications.

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The cookie technology was patent

The owner of the online store for which he creat the website want to enable his customers to store products in a virtual basket. Unfortunately, his servers couldn’t store the individual details of each basket, so Lou found a way to save such information on users’ computers.  In and implement in the second version of Internet Explorer the same year. Soon, the first fears of the public appear, which were concern about what the new invention could be us for. This is how Bulk Lead the problematic issue of consumer privacy on the web was born.