These cookies allow you to manage

These cookies allow you to manage

Persistent cookies , also known as persistent cookies, are pieces of text that are retain over many user visits to websites. These are cookies responsible for tracking and authenticating the recipient and remembering changes you have made on the site, remembering goods add to the basket. Flash cookies are a type of cookie that is no longer us. They were not support by web browsers, only stor in Adobe Flash. Third-party cookies & First-party cookies First-party cookies are first-party cookies, those that are stor directly by the website visit by the user. It remembers the actions and functions that we use when browsing websites.  Aa single session, they track what filters you have select on the store’s category page, what language you use, how many and what products you have add to the basket and many other actions that you perform during your visit.

The main purpose of these cookies

The collect data is call analytics and only the website owner has access to it. Third-party cookies are external files, files of third parties, otherwise third parties .  Is to track users’ online activity and remember their individual preferences. Most of them have an advertising function, they allow the recipient to present such promotions that are potentially interesting to him. Third party cookies are plac on a website, for example, in an online store by means of a script that runs with each page view on the website. Someone other than the site owner has access to the data. What does consent to Cookie types by activity period Session cookies , also known as temporary or New Zealand Mobile Number List transient cookies, are only stor during one visit to the website.

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On the vast majority of websites

This means that they are delet immiately after the end of the session. Such a cookie has a unique session identifier that recognizes the actions of a given user browsing the page of interest to him. cookies mean? Consent to cookies must be prior, explicit and free . you will encounter Bulk Lead cookie consent banners , which, however, are not implement correctly.

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