Check which actions bring the best results, introduce new solutions offer by the platform, but also be patient, because some Google Ads campaigns ne at least one month for the algorithm to learn how to optimize campaigns effectively. New Year, new summary.  The first month of . We invite you to the January summary of the content of our agency’s specialists. Strategy in Google Ads campaigns – where to start? According to forecasts for in the USA, the cost of advertising on the Internet will reach almost USD billion. The estimat share of the Google platform is as much as %, which puts it in second place after the famous Amazon.

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What is the situation in Poland? While Amazon is slowly entering the market, Google still maintains its leading position in the advertising sphere.  A strong Google Ads campaign strategy is the key to success in the new year! Read the article. Meta tags and meta title – what are they and how to create them? Discover effective methods It corresponds to the user’s intentions and is attractive – this is the simplest way to describe a good title. However, how to Australia Phone Number List optimize this  meta tag to attract Internet users and Google robots? Learn simple and effective tips that will be useful to anyone who is starting their adventure with SEO.

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Read the article. Meta description – why is it so important in SEO? Although the meta description has ceas to be a factor directly affecting positioning, it still carries advantages – primarily for the user. Wondering how to write a good website description? You will learn everything from the article! Read the article. Social Proof of Rightness When making purchasing decisions, each customer may care about a different aspect of the product. For one person, the color of the item will be the most important, while for someone else, the price may be the most Bulk Lead important. However, both people will care about the good quality of the product.