Data for the same time periods. month, quarter by quarter. Pay attention to weekends and holidays – the number of working days in the analyz periods must match. And what does it look like in practice? The theoretical part is behind us, but marketing goals can only be achiev by combining this knowlge with practice. So let’s see some examples of strategies for different businesses: case no. Julia has been producing natural cosmetics for years and is thinking about creating a website where she will sell her products and scribe their properties.

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So far sales have been carri out only through social mia, where he has over k followers in total. He is consiring Google Ads activities, he can spend a maximum of PLN , on the cost of the advertising campaign. What strategy will suit Julia? Undoubtly, Julia would like to increase the sales of her cosmetics. To do this, at the very beginning, he must focus on the image of his own brand, because the cosmetics industry is very competitive.  Of advertising campaigns for the client are search ads and display ads, the purpose of which would be to increase UK Phone Number List website traffic. Having an extensive blog, we can direct ads to articles so that potential customers can learn about the specifics of the products offer.

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The website itself and the content

A product campaign is not an option at the start, few people will ci to buy a product of an unknown brand. Much in the case of a campaign at the start pends on:  Plac on it; Advertising texts Attractiveness of advertising materials (graphics, vio) Since the budget is limit, an example cost estimate for advertising campaigns will oscillate around PLN per day, divid in the proportion of % for search engine campaigns and % for graphic campaigns. Starting with a manual bidding strategy, we will avoid too high Bulk Lead costs per click by generating more traffic. case no. Robert runs a music equipment store.