Remember however that the client

Remember however that the client

The solution: working on schules and “plann spontaneity” Agree with the client the exact time of sending the materials and the time for their verification. It is best if you suggest it to the decision-making Account already at the stage of signing the contract with the client. In the absence of acceptance on time, the recommend action is to broadcast the plann content.  Must be aware of this so that there is no unnecessary short circuit later. Also agree with the client on matters relat to the acceptance of real-time marketing content. A good solution in such cases is, for example, quick approval over the phone.

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Direct communication shortens the distance and is simply. faster Problem: scatter information Are you running a complex project on which several or even a dozen or so external copywriters are working, texts are verifi by several people on the part of the client, and your mailbox is flood with e-mails, comments, l materials or arrangements? How to improve this stage of content management?  management system Tools such as Asana or Trello allow you to create Austria Mobile Number Database horizontal project boards, assign tasks to specific people and track progress in implementation, set deadlines, or store files and documentation and easily share these materials.

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Migration of both clients and individual team members to this type of platform will allow for significant optimization of working time and gaining full control over the project.  Problem: too many versions of one file You send another text attachment with the ending v to the client , but you are not sure if it is the final version and how many text modifications there were? Or maybe the  file, and you lost the final version of the document for some reason? Solution: work in the cloud and remember about track changes mode Text documents made available in tools such as Google Drive or Bulk Lead Microsoft Office Online have their disadvantages (a poorer itor), but also significant advantages.

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