A Page will appear where you can

A Page will appear where you can

How do I add company information in the company manager? An important part of setting up a business manager is adding your business information. How to do it? Go to company settings, then select Company information in the menu. Add individual information about the company, such as the legal name of the company, company address, telephone number, website address, tax identification number. You can also add graphics with your company logo here. It happens that sometimes Facebook will additionally require verification of the company’s identity by sending scans of relevant documents.

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Especially in the case of advertising activities on the US market. If necessary, you will receive information about it with instructions on what and how to add. In this section, at the top, you can also find the Business ID that Facebook automatically assigned to your business. And it is worth remembering where to look for it. It is useful, for example, when we want to become a partner of another company. How do I add a payment method in Business Manager? To add a payment method in the company manager, select Payment methods in the menu , then Paraguay Phone Number List click the Add button . Then select the country region and currency you’ll be paying in and your payment method. You can choose card or monthly billing.

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Monthly invoicing is one invoice sent each month for a given ad account to be paid by bank or wire transfer. However, this requires additional formalities, so the most convenient form seems to be adding a card. After making your selection, click Next. Finally, Facebook will ask you to complete the data related to the selected payment method.  From the business manager level, but also from the ad account level, but the first option is more convenient when you Bulk Lead want to use one payment method for several ad accounts.

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