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The current number of Facebook users in Poland is over million people, which is why Facebook Ads is a huge advertising potential.  You are certainly aware of this. But are you wondering where to start? Start by setting up a Facebook Business Manager, i.e. post a Facebook company manager, and then an ad account to start your adventure with Facebook Ads. How to do it? We are already in a hurry to help! Before we get to setting up a business manager (aka Facebook Business Manager), let’s first explain what it is and why it’s so important.

The Business Manager acts as

You can advertise on Facebook directly from an advertising. Account also known as Facebook Ads Manager  assigned to a given person, but having a company manager brings many important advantages.  The center of management for the company’s most important Facebook-related assets. It is here, in one place, that you can grant employees or partners access to the ad manager, Facebook page, Instagram and WhatsApp account, product catalog or Facebook pixel. Setting up a business manager on Facebook To create an account in the company Panama Phone Number List manager, you should be the owner of a private Facebook account, created with your real data, in accordance with the identity document.

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You will also be asked what the account

This is important when you lose access to your account.  As a result of a hacker attack, because then. Thanks to the verification of your identity document, you can regain this access. Are you logged in? Go to business. facebook overview and in the top right corner, click the Create Account button. After clicking you will see a window. Fill them with your and company details, according to the instructions. Then click Send. In the next step, you will be asked to enter Bulk Lead information about the company. Such as country, company address, company phone number or company website address Will be used for.

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