The Right Column is the most important

After selecting the appropriate role, click the Next button , then a window will appear that will allow us to assign resources in a specific scope to the selected person. At the top there will be the name and surname of the person to whom we assign the resource, on the left the type of resource, in the middle the name, most often derived from the name of the company that can be searched, on the right the most important, i.e. the scope to which access to the selected resource will be granted. because you have to choose options that correspond to the person’s responsibilities for the selected resource. Finally, save the changes. Accesses can be edited at any time.

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When adding additional admins to a business manager, additional approval from another admin is sometimes required. Then such a request will be automatically sent by e-mail. In addition to access for people who work in your company, you can also grant access to partners, i.e. external companies, e.g. a marketing agency that will be responsible for running a Facebook campaign for your company. Access is very similar to access for specific people. The Add Peru Phone Number List button, you will be asked for the ID of the partner company’s manager. In the next step, FB will ask you to assign specific resources and the scope of access to them, just like in the case of people.

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Business Manager configuration

The partner will be able to distribute duties among his employees already within his company manager. You need to remember that some resources are interrelated and. For example, when we commission someone to run a Facebook Ads campaign. Apart from access to the advertising account, you will also need access to the website. Instagram, pixel, and in the case of e-mail, to create ads. commerce, also to the directory. The most important elements of the are behind us, so we move on to the subject of the Facebook ad account. How to set up a Facebook Bulk Lead advertising account? In Business Manager Settings, click Accounts , then select Ad Accounts.

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