Which brand do you choose

Which brand do you choose

Effective campaigns in Google Ads? Image campaigns on an example Imagine that you go to buy a TV in a store, exceptionally only Sony TVs and the brand whose name you hear for the first time are available. The store is closing soon and you want a TV today. What are you doing? Let’s assume that the parameters are similar, and Sony is only slightly more expensive than the X brand. Most of us will probably choose Sony in this situation, unless it belongs to a small group of people who like to break the rules.

Only Sometimes we take advantage

Why Probably because a dozen or so years ago we saw a relaxing ad with bouncing colorful balls, which you can easily find on YT by typing, for example, “Sony Bravia Bouncy Balls. Example of Sony Bravia Bouncing Balls image campaign – screenshot from YT. Often, when we have little time, when we do not want to look for information, when we have two similar products, we choose, search for what we know, what has pleasant associations, what has exist in our Iceland Phone Number List memory a long time ago. Of the opportunity and impulsively buy something that we see for the first time at a given moment, which we do not know, but meets our nes at first glance.

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However In the era of quite similar

We will consciously choose a novelty only when we have time for a more thorough analysis and when this novelty really stands out positively. Products that the competition has, sometimes the product’s properties alone are not enough, for this you ne a whole story that potential customers will love and remember. I was once remind of the advertising with balls by the lecturer at one of the lectures at the university, but later I talk to various people and most Bulk Lead people remember the colorful Sony balls. 

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